2C Risk

NZProvide has invested in a new technical solution to store, manage and report on client’s medical information. 2CRisk is an online, cloud based platform which is intuitive, secure and easy to use.

Our clients’ health records will are managed in NZProvide’s 2CRisk Health Risk Management System. This system securely stores all health information in an Employee Health Record which removes the need for paper based files.

Benefits of the system include:

  • Secure storage of information
  • Ease of access to information for future reference
  • Reduced internal administration
  • Automatic prompts to book checks when due
  • Comprehensive reporting on health risk across the business

By utilising a tool such as 2CRisk to manage the medical information gathered, the investment made to check employee’s health can be quantified. When sufficient information is gathered, NZProvide can report on the health risk at various levels across the business.

We are really excited about this new addition to the NZProvide suite of services. 2CRisk is already offering us great insight into the health risk of our clients businesses. We are able to utilise the information gathered to provide recommendations on how to mitigate these risks before they become a major issue.

We are the only occupational health provider in New Zealand to be using 2CRisk, putting us a step ahead the rest.

To find out more about 2CRisk and how your business can benefit, contact us.