Our Clients

Some of our clients include:


“Freeing up our Account Managers from the daily functions of administrating the required health assessments on our young people has resulted in time savings in excess of 1x FTE throughout New Zealand. This has enabled them to focus on client matters at hand.”

Lewis Thompson, Former HR & Planning Manager, Competenz

“I found the service to be professional, productive and ultimately successful. We are very thankful to NZProvide whose vast pool of talented and professional consultants having paramount knowledge and experience made this a ‘pain free’ process. Transpower saw a significant increase in uptake of these services, which is positive as this indicates employees being more aware of their health status. The likely outcome of this increased uptake is that there will be lower absenteeism due to ill health and employees will take more responsibility for their own wellbeing. I genuinely appreciate the efforts of all involved and I plan to work with NZ Provide again in the future.”

Mark Finnigan, Former Manager, People and Performance, Support, Transpower NZ

Case Studies

Case Study 1

A business came to NZProvide with a decentralised process for health monitoring. The business had sites all over New Zealand and each site was responsible for their own health monitoring. Logistically this was incredibly difficult for the centralised HR and Health & Safety Team to manage.

NZProvide offered a centralised solution where all the health monitoring is now managed from one point. All health monitoring information is loaded in to secure cloud based tool, providing a secure location for personal medical files and information. Providers are able to upload assessment results at the time of assessment. Reports back to the client provide both individual information of each assessment and a broader view of the business as a whole. This can identify areas of concern from a Health & Safety perspective across their business.

Case Study 2

A client came to us with an HR issue within their business.

The employee was a night shift which was becoming difficult for them, and began experiencing pain and discomfort. Over time their absenteeism increased.

We discussed the issues with the employer. The employee was a valuable member of their workforce and they were concerned about how the situation was unfolding. They were also aware that the employee was feeling uncomfortable about their work/life balance.

On consultation it was agreed to get an assessment on the employees back, and we recommended the employer discuss the issues the employee was having balancing their personal responsibilities with work commitments.

The assessment came back with recommendations, and the employer offered them a day shift role.

As a result the employee had reduced back pain and was back to work on a regular basis. More importantly though, the change in shifts enabled the employee to establish a more satisfactory work/life balance.