NZProvide is the health management company. We take care of your people’s occupational health and safety.

Through our network of professionals, we consolidate all aspects of a company’s occupational health needs into one, easy, central point of contact. NZProvide is not aligned with just one but hundreds of medical providers across the country so evaluate the needs of our clients and create independent solutions. We electronically and securely store all health records and comprehensively report on these, addressing areas of people risk within business.

We are continuing to develop and enhance our range of services and invest in the latest technology to ensure our clients receive the best possible service.

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People are your businesses’ most important asset. They are also the most volatile. Keeping your people happy, healthy and productive in the workplace is no easy task, which is why NZProvide is here to help.

We provide a single point of contact for all your occupational health needs. By not aligning with any one service provider, but having flexibility, we can tailor a solution to meet the needs of any business.

NZProvide is all about adding value. Instead of just ticking the boxes that are legislatively required, we aim to use all health information gathered to gain a better understanding of health risks. We analyse all health information and can provide great insight into the health of a business, and help mitigate any risks before they become an issue. Many providers simply carry out the assessments required. We assess, evaluate and recommend all with the end goal of keeping your staff happy, healthy and productive.

We have nationwide coverage, so assist no matter where your staff are located. Our diverse range of expertise means we are a one stop shop. Contact us today to put together an individual health and wellness package for your workforce

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  • Staff turnover
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