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go well®

Go Well

go well® is an online health and wellbeing solution. It provides your people with choice health and wellness products, services and information, all in the one place.

go well® is:

  • Cost effective
  • Offers choice
  • Flexible to meet organisation’s needs
  • Skinned to reflect your brand

Current go well® features include:

Health Deals

  • Health and wellbeing products and services at rates not available off the street
  • Assurance of quality, monitored providers
  • Comprehensive reporting on uptake of deals and amount of money saved by employees

Online Booking System

  • Ability to utilise the booking system for onsite clinics for services such as flu vaccinations, health checks, physiotherapists and more
  • Comprehensive reporting on uptake

Branded Subdomain

  • Individual subdomain for each company that contains specific deals and information
  • Branding with company’s logo and colours


  • Up to date, researched health and wellbeing information
  • Can update and add information depending on certain company health campaigns e.g. skin cancer, diabetes, stress management

NZProvide is continuing to develop and add more features to go well®. It is not an off the shelf solution, but designed to work for your business with targeted information. Make your own go well® page today!

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go well® was developed in partnership with Health Life Media