Health and Safety

At NZProvide, we understand not only the need to look after the health of your employees but also their safety. We have extensive experience in system design and implementation, ACC’s discount programmes, and what is required as a company to achieve a high level of employee health and safety. We can provide consultancy services to your business to help develop and maintain your health and safety policies and programmes.

ACC Discount Programmes

Everybody likes to save money, especially on your ever costly ACC levies. We understand how ACC works, and what is required to keep your levies as low as possible. We are able to design and implement systems to meet the requirements of the following programmes:

  • Workplace Safety Management Practices Programme (WSMP) – This programme enables employers to save up to 20% on their standard levy by establishing robust health and safety practices and maintaining good injury prevention practices
  • Workplace Safety Discounts Programme (WSD) – This programme enables employers to save up to 10% on their standard levy by establishing good health and safety practices
  • ACC Partnership Programme (ACCPP) – This programme provides employers with up to 90% discounts on their ACC levies in exchange for taking responsibility for their employees’ work injury claims. Responsibilities include the delivery of all statutory entitlements such as weekly compensation for lost earning

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Consultancy Services

NZProvide can offer a range of health and safety consultancy services, from gap analysis of current policies to design of a completely new health and safety policy. Through our experience with employers from a vast range of industries, we understand the needs of each industry and can assist in designing and implementing systems to suit the needs of all.

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